Poseidon International specializes in:

• Surface ship and submarine husbandry services to include inspection, specialized propeller work, non-destructive testing and ultra-sonic surveys, and repair.

• Subject matter experts for the technical assistance and training of foreign military personnel in ship board operations and maintenance.

• Dry docking services to include blocking and stability experts, build and load calculation, design, and oversight services to protect assets.

• Marine salvage services to include marine casualty and wreck removal, pollution control and prevention, site surveys, engineered solutions, and studies and recommendations.

• Inspection, design, installation, and certification of ocean and waterfront facilities.

• Military and commercial diving systems development and acquisition services including developmental test support, documentation, and specialized underwater videography.

• Ship research, development, test, and evaluation trials support and logistics.

• Offshore oil and gas operations services including inspection and quality assurance verification, operational maintenance, and commissioning and removal of structures.

• Certified marine surveying services including insurance or bank required surveys, Independent Marine Surveyor (IMS), damage assessment and repair consulting, and quality assurance for construction and repair.

• Marine environmental consulting services including Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) for oil and gas operations, port development, industrial plants, and coastal development, data collection for waves tides, currents, winds, water, soil, sediment sampling, and reef surveys.

• Heavy lift transport operations to include project management, load master services, sea fastening design and review, build design and review, routing and weather planning, motion and acceleration analysis, and independent marine surveying.